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Common Inquiries

how to become a member?

Purchase a membership here, and we will send you all the follow-up information.

How to connect once you're a member?

Go to our members only Facebook page and request to join once you have secured membership .

how to get Sippi girls to come to my event?

Contact us here and send us your request.

what does the future hold for sippi girls?

We are working toward offering:

  • Scholarship Funds

  • Camps

  • Podcast

  • TV Show

  • Leadership roles

  • Annual Banquet



Here you will find what it takes to become a Sippi Girl:


  1. No profanity in public or social media platforms.

  2. No showcasing alcohol consumption.

  3. No illegal drug use

  4. Refrain from commenting, liking, or sharing any political opinions. (It’s okay to have an opinion but we will remain neutral)

  5. Keep inappropriate content off social media (I.e. bashing an ex partner, lewd behavior)

  6. Do not partake in gossip or slander (We are to uplift one another)

  7. To be considered for any leadership role, you must be a current member of Sippi Girls.

  8. To be considered for any public broadcasting on newsletters, social media posts, or Sippi Girls magazine you must be a current member of Sippi Girls.

  9. Anyone nominating someone to be broadcasted on any media platforms must be a current member of Sippi Girls.

  10. In order to be considered for any public Broadcasting or leadership position the member must be with in good standing.

If any of these rules are violated, and brought to our attention. The violation will be reviewed and a decision will be determined by a board.
The board can determine whether the member will lose membership and or be banned for future membership if deemed necessary.

sippi girls Code of conduct

As a member of Sippi Girls I promise to help others when in need. To do acts of kindness without seeking attention or affirmation for my good deed. I will always be polite and hold myself to a higher standard, because now, I stand for more than just myself. I will promote women, conservation, and be an activist for the future outdoorsmen.



Sippi Girls is just getting started and we want your help with our endeavors. Being a member of Sippi Girls gives you access to our newsletter and ability to have a voice in your community. We want to have chapter leaders in their communities that are passionate about conservation in the outdoors. Who can rally their community support to host banquets in efforts to raise money for our goals, to allow young women to get involved and in the outdoors.

We will have an annual banquet to celebrate what we have accomplished and what we plan to achieve in the year to come. We are looking forward to meeting you and seeing what all you have to offer this great organization!

Membership will enable you to be a part of future scholarship funds, camps and opportunities to be on the podcast and TV show.

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